Lapidary | Echoview Fiber Mill

Lapidary | Echoview Fiber Mill

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The newest member of Echoview's yarn family, Lapidary, is their first fingering weight yarn. Made with 50% Tencel (derived from eucalyptus wood pulp) and 50% USA Merino, this lightweight yarn glistens like gemstones. The wool gives the yarn breathability and bounce, while the Tencel gives it a silky feel and incredible strength - perfect for lightweight sweaters or socks.


Content: 50% Merino Wool, 50% Tencel  
Weight: 100 grams (3.5 oz), #1 Fingering
Length: 400 yards
Suggested Needle Size: US 1 to 3 (2.25 to 3.25 mm)
Suggested Hook Size: US B-1 to E-4 (2.25 to 3.5 mm)
Care: Hand wash gently in lukewarm water using a mild (bleach free) detergent


Colors from left to right: Smoky Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Argonite (Lot 2), Argonite (Lot 4)